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Gambling at an online casino, bingo hall or blackjack table is fun and enjoyable, but like most other activities if you don't have a little knowledge then your pastime may not be as exciting as it could be. This is especially true when it comes to playing at any online casino or Bingo online. To help make your online gaming fun and as enjoyable as possible, we've set out a few basic guidelines that should help if you're relatively new to the online gambling experience.

Before Wagering at an Online Casino

The most important thing is to establish your bankroll (the amount of cash you can comfortably afford to wager or lose). Establishing this before you play is sensible. When the roulette wheel is spinning or those cards, dice or slots machines are flashing, the last thing you need to worry about is your bankroll. Hence make sure you have a predetermined sum of money that your going to deposit and stick to it. Tomorrow is another day & if Lady Luck is not with you today then maybe she will be tomorrow.

Choose the Right Online Casino

Depending on the online casino games you choose, this may also influence the type of casino software you play, and you would certainly need to do a little research in finding the best online casino. Well searching has not been as easy as merely looking up and reading over the many online gaming sites who do all the research work for you. The majority of gambling venues also offer some type of sign up promotional casino bonus on your first deposit. By accepting these bonuses, you may find that your game of choice does not count towards the wagering requirements of the bonus. So always check the bonus Terms & Conditions before you deposit any money into the casino. Also don't wager one (1) cent before you clearly understand the bonus terms. If unsure contact the online casinos customer support center and ask them to explain the bonus terms.

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Accepting a Bonus or Not Accepting a Bonus

That really depends again on the type of casino games you intend to play.

Lets say for instance your a blackjack/craps/roulette player. To accept a bonus and only play these games may find that you are not fulfilling the casino bonuses terms against the expect play thru requirements. If blackjack/craps/roulette are you games of choice, then I'd advise you to not accept the bonus and just make a deposit void of any signup bonuses. If however you intend to play slot machines, it's best to accept the bonus. Meeting the wagering requirements on slots is achievable and once you've meet the casino bonus terms, you are then free to request a cashin if you've had a win.

What is a Sticky Casino Bonus?

Basically this means that the bonus is only playable, the bonus can not be cashed out, it can only be used to wager with. Lets say you deposit $100 & receive a $100 sticky bonus. At the end of your session and after you have fulfilled the play thru requirements you have a total of $350 in chips. On the cash out the casino will withdraw the $100 bonus and then pay you a total of $250. Therefore you will have made a $150 profit.

What is a Cashable Bonus?

Basically this means that once you've fulfilled your wagering obligations of that bonus, your allowed to cash out the bonus along with any winnings you've won. If you deposited $100 & received a $100 casino bonus then after the play thru requirements, had a total of $350 in chips, you would be allowed to cash out the total amount of chips. In affect you'd be payed out a total of $350 to your desired payout method.

What's the Best Casino Funding Method?

Personally I've used Neteller since 2000. I've found it to be the most easiest and it is the most widely accept online web wallet. The other advantage is that you'll receive your casino winnings very quickly, most times in 48 hours or less. Neteller also offer a debit card that allows you to visit most ATM's and withdraw your cash wins.

NB - NETELLER UK Ltd is regulated by the Financial Services Authority in the United Kingdom as an electronic money institution. If you intend to deposit via Credit Card you'll be required to submit proof of ID documents either via fax or email.


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